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xavier the great on Flickr.
Via Flickr: today my friend and i decided to go hang out by the creek. we saw this little boy walking around, hitting his stick at the weeds. we said hello to him but he just glanced at us and went on his way. i thought he was so adorable i had to run home and get my camera. when we walked back towards the creek we saw him again, and my friend said to me “so how do we go about this?” i replied “not sure..” seconds later he pointed at us and yelled “YOU TWO. COME WITH ME” he bolted back into the woods and we ran after him, through sticks and stinging nettle. as we were running, out of breath he looked back and said “i found a bridge over here”. he showed us a neat little bridge crossing the creek made out of a variety of scrap wood. from then on this little boy lead us on a little adventure; he opened up his backpack, handed us thick sticks and said “here are your weapons”. his name is xavier, he is 8 years old and he made my day today i asked him if i could take a picture of him and this is how he posed

Men’s Rights Activists


Jeff Mangum

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